Mastering the Mind Podcast

Ep. 50 | Future Belgian Cats Star | Jienke De Leyn

May 9, 2022

Today we welcome professional basketball player, Jienke De Leyn, to the podcast 


✅Topics Discussed:


🏀 How Jienke got into basketball after trying multiple sports such football & athletics

🧒Tips for young basketball players

Importance of being able to self-reflect as an athlete

🇧🇪 Experience playing at @basketnamurcapitale & @vervier-pepinster & playing in the Eurocup as a teen

🦠 Coping with the lockdown period not being able to train or play & being without due to the pandemic

🇨🇭First experience playing abroad at @AKAaura

🇩🇪 Experience playing at @RheinlandLions

🙌🏼 Importance of widening athletic identity as an athlete

🧠 Psychological demands of the point guard position

🗣 Importance of understanding your role within the team

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