Mastering the Mind Podcast

Ep. 51 | Former Olympic Track Cyclist battling with Endometriosis & Burnout | Kirstie Klingenberg

May 23, 2022

Today we welcome former Olympic track cyclist, Kirstie Klingenberg, to the podcast 

✅Topics Discussed:

🙌🏼 Background & growing up

🚣‍♀️ Transition from competing in rowing to track cycling

🇳🇿 Competing for NZ in track cycling at various World and National championships

🧠 Psychological qualities Kirstie believes are crucial to have in order to be a successful track cyclist

🇯🇵 Experience at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

🤕 Experience competing with endometriosis for many years

🗣 Experience coping with burnout prior to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

🚲 Stigmatization and taboo around periods and high-level sports

◀️ Coping with the retirement process after the 2020 Olympics

🔮 Future goals and ambitions

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