Mastering the Mind Podcast

Ep. 49 | Wolverhampton Wanderers FC Academy Elite Player Development Manager | Darren Ryan

April 18, 2022

Today we welcome Wolverhampton Wanderers FC Elite Player Development Manager, Darren Ryan, to the podcast 

✅Topics Discussed:


⚽️ Darren’s journey as a professional footballer

🇬🇧 Insight on the UK football culture when Darren was playing & some challenges he experienced as a player

🗣 His transition into coaching & some important lessons Darren has learned

⚖️ Darren’s coaching philosophy & values

🐺 Insight on his current role at Wolves’ Academy

🧠 Some psychological qualities Darren believes makes a successful coach

👨‍⚕️ How sport psychologists are integrated within Wolve’s Academy & the importance of a shared formulation when working with coaches & players

🟠 Insight on the recruitment process at Wolves & some qualities they look for in Academy players

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