Mastering the Mind Podcast

Ep. 43 | Two-time Olympic Fencer | Laurence Halsted

March 6, 2022

Today we welcome two-time Olympic fencer, Laurence Halsted, to the podcast !


✅Topics Discussed:

🤺 Growing up with parents who were ex-Olympic Fencers

⚔️ Laurence’s rise to success in the sport 

🇬🇧Experience of competing at the London 2012 Olympics

🧠Psychological qualities he believes makes a professional fencer

🇧🇷 Experience of competing at the Rio 2016 Olympics

👊🏼 Experience of retiring from fencing

🌎 Laurence’s thoughts on the current Olympic system & what could be done to create a more sustainable one

🇩🇰 Role of being the performance director for the Danish Fencing Federation

🦋 Work with the True Athlete Project & his recent book which was recently published “Becoming a True Athlete: A Practical Philosophy for Flourishing Through Sport”

🔮 Future goals & ambitions

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